Designing Your Wedding Using One Inspirational Piece

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Do you have a meaningful item that you'd like to make the center of attention at your wedding reception? Perhaps you've inherited a stunning china set that has been in the family for years, or maybe you have just taken a trip to Bali and have photos that you don't want guests to miss. Creating a wedding theme around one piece is a creative¬†and very … [Read more...]

Scandinavian Inspiration for Your Arkansas Home

incorporating Scandinavian style into your event

If you're looking for inspiring design ideas for your Little Rock home, it's important to look outside your home town, and in some cases, even outside of your home country. You can find surprising ideas by looking at Scandinavian homes. In the Scandinavian region, there is a balance of urban and small town life, resulting in homes and designs that are highly … [Read more...]

Composing Your Space: Modern Lines and Geometric Forms

designing with geometry

While it was once in style to decorate rooms with a lot of little knick knacks and smaller elements, minimalism is the new trend. Designers and homeowners are beginning to realize that you don't need to have a lot of furniture or decorations to make a statement -- as long as you have the right pieces. The focus is very much on¬†geometric forms and clean … [Read more...]